Giving Process

There are two ways of giving.  (1) Weekly envelope or (2) automatic via a bank draft.


Below you will find directions on how to set up your bank draft.


To give automatic means to pay your pledge by bank draft. This program has been available for several years, is extremely reliable, safe and popular because of the convenience it provides. Users like it because they know how much is drafted from their account each week or month, and they don’t have to remember to bring their envelope to church on Sunday.


Giving is a great benefit to the church as it helps to smooth out our monthly cash flow (especially during the summer), and we would encourage you to consider this as a way to make your pledge or other regular gifts.


Here is how it works (note that this is just an example from one bank and each bank will be slightly different):

Step 1:  Go to your bank’s online banking site and set up our church as though it were a vendor or any other entity that you pay regularly.

Step 2:  For the Biller Name enter UMC of Westford and for an account number, you can use the number on your pledge envelope.

Step 3:  Address #1 should be: Attn: Financial Secretary

Step 4:  Address #2 should be: 10 Church Street, Westford, MA 01886-2111

Step 5:  Phone number: 978-692-4176

Step 6:  Determine payment amount and frequency (such as weekly or monthly)

Step 7: The check will then be mailed to the church, the church administrator will take the envelope, give it to Marilyn Seymour (our Financial Secretary) and Marilyn will record it.


If desired, we also have cards you can print out saying “I give electronically” to place in your weekly offering envelope on Sunday. If you have any questions, just ask Marilyn Seymour (

Now that was easy… Why not sign up today!


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