GivePlus -- How to Use

GivePlus, a product of Vanco, has been available for several years, is extremely reliable, safe and popular because of the convenience it provides. Users like it because they know how much is withdrawn from their account each week or month, and they don’t have to remember to bring their envelope to church on Sunday.

Giving is a great benefit to the church as it helps to smooth out our monthly cash flow (especially during the summer and during the Corvid -19 crisis), and we would encourage you to consider this as a way to make your pledge or other regular gifts.

Vanco has provided a number of videos and documents to assist you in using GivePlus.  Please feel free to explore them.


How to Use GivePlus Mobile

How to Use GivePlus On-Line


How to Use GivePlus Mobile Giving App.  MobileAppYouTube.

How to Use  Give+ Online .