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We humans like possessing and controlling things. And we believe that things we possess will please, feed, entertain, empower, and protect us. The bible clearly spells out that we are not owner of things, but caretakers of things we temporarily rent, maybe for 70-100 years. We own nothing, nothing at all. Everything belongs to God, even the owner of us. Our vocation is caring, tending, safeguarding, cultivating, and protecting things in the world on behalf of another and of ultimate owner of the world, God. This is the core point of the story of the vineyard that we are not supposed to abuse our temporary authority given to us. How much more tragic, then when we forget our relationship to both the land and the landowner and abuse the God’s trust! 

Matthew 22:1-14

October 8, 2023

Pastor Seok-Hwan

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