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 Between Two and Ten Actions in the Parable 

The parable from the underside, the Good Samaritan story: While traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, he was attacked by robbers and left half dead. The priest and the Levite who witnessed the scene only took two actions: 'they saw him' and 'passed by'. However, the good Samaritan took ten actions: 'he saw him', 'he felt compassion', 'he approached him', 'he bandaged his wounds', 'he poured oil and wine on them', 'he put the injured man on his own donkey', 'he took him to an inn', 'he took care of him', 'he paid the innkeeper two denarii', and 'he promised to repay any extra expense'. The remarkable actions of the Samaritan, stopping, going to him, and touching him, were actually reflections of Jesus' actions, which aimed to protect life anywhere, anytime. For this very message, Jesus also changed the self-centered question of an expert in the Law. Notice Jesus' thoughtful consideration as he changes the question, originally posed by an expert in the law who sought to justify himself, to one from the perspective of the person who encountered the robber. By simply changing the question, Jesus places the expert in the Law in the shoes of the other.

March 3,2024

Pastor Seok-Hwan

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