God calls us to be disciples of Jesus, building community through
service and fellowship and sharing the love of Christ with all.

Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12 is at the core of Jesus’ teaching. We tend to see the deepest, darkest worst part of ourselves because of our deep wounds. Our wounds begin to define us. We find ourselves no longer being salt and a light that has gone out. But we are more than we know! A light of Christ can be rekindled, and a salt will not lose it flavor. The Beatitudes has the power to push away every negative situation in us and bring about newness, possibility, a way beyond our deep-seated wounds. Christ-like vision can move things in us that we miss in ourselves. It is time for us to see the blessedness in us as Jesus taught us. Looking through the eyes of Beatitudes, we are able to recover and enjoy blessedness in each of us. (Companions in Christ: The Way of Blessedness, the Upper Room)

  • August 16 - Embracing the Wisdom of Tenderness
  • August 23 - Receiving the Vision of God
  • August 30 - Making Peace, an Offering of Love
  • September 6 - The Deep Gladness of Suffering Love

Social Justice Interest Group
Starting now:
Racism Group Study
4 weeks: Aug. 4 - Aug. 25
Discussions:  Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

Our group will begin a 4-week study on racism created by The Church of the Resurrection, a United Methodist Church in Kansas City. The study consists of pre-reading material, a video teaching lesson, and a small group discussion via Zoom to be held Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm. Our first small group discussion will be led by Rev. Mike Clark. Below is Resurrection's brief description of the study:

Beloved Community Small Group Study  

Dr. King envisioned a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love for one’s fellow human beings. Join Pastors Tino Herrera and Darryl Burton for a 4-week online study called Living into the Beloved Community.  

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for Middle School and High School Students

Youth, join us and invite a friend! All are welcome!

Summer Schedule:

  • August 9, 7:30 pm Zoom Meeting  
  • August 16, Time TBD Last Summer Meeting (Place TBD) 


Summer Sunday School (called "GIFT Kids Zoom") continues via Zoom on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am through Sunday, August 30, for kids who were in the current Primary and Elementary Classes (ages 4 through grade 5). Families, watch your email for the Zoom link each week.  

Please note the revised schedule below:

Sunday, 8/9: 9:30 am

Sunday, 8/16: 11:00 am

Sunday, 8/23: 9:30 am

Sunday, 8/30: 11:00 am

Join us for continued fun and to stay connected with friends from church!

Women's Bible Study

Tuesdays at 9:30 am

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Zoom Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:00 am

Zoom invite will be emailed weekly 

Contact Pastor Seok-Hwan to review an invite

Our Openness Statement

“The United Methodist Church of Westford is an open and welcoming community of Christian Faith. Without any exceptions, we welcome anyone who seeks to love and to serve God.”

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