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The Redemption of Scrooge I: Making Change from Bah Humbug!

Advent is like living into this tension of remembering the gift of Jesus’ very life among us and what he came to show us, and at the same time anticipating the way Christ continues to come into our hearts and lives each day, and the kingdom that Christ came to usher in; a kingdom that turned the world’s expectations upside down. Humbug referred to things that were a fraud, a sham, a deceit, delusional. To Ebenezer, hoping for anything more in life than what you can count and collect was just so much “humbug.” We, too, have a hope to redeem the embarrassing or unpleasant or selfish aspects of our lives which weigh us down with shame. Our hope comes from a baby who was a king at his birth, is built upon a savior whose power was shown by suffering and dying. Our hope is no mere humbug. In giving us Jesus, God offers hope that what we choose to value will more closely meet God’s plan. 

Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 1:46-47, 52-55

November 27, 2022

Order of Worship

First Sunday of Advent

Join us In-Person Every Sunday at 9:30 am or Online after the Sunday Service.

2023 Pledge Campaign

The 2023 pledge campaign has begun and will continue through the end of November. The Stewardship Committee asks you to consider seriously and prayerfully increasing your giving by 5%.


Our “Giving Tree” Mission 

Drop off date - Dec. 3rd from 1-2 pm or bring to church on Dec. 4th.   See E-News for more detail.

Advent Study Begins Soon

Join our 4-week Advent Study!

Our book will be "The Redemption of Scrooge" by Matt Rawle.

Is redemption possible for Ebenezer Scrooge? Pastor and author Matt Rawle believes so as he discovers the teachings of Jesus in the words of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Rawle dives deep into the dark, sad, greedy world of Scrooge and discovers a man in dire need of a second chance. Along with Scrooge, we meet the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future and in the process learn about living with and for others in a world blessed by Jesus. Rediscover and reinvigorate your Christian faith this Advent and Christmas season and look at this familiar classic through the lens of faith. (description from

More information to come soon…

Poinsettias Sales

We will be taking orders for poinsettias starting
November 27 through December 11

Price per poinsettia plant is $11.00.
Please click the link below to order online,
or print an order form

Online Order Form

Printable Order Form

The poinsettias will be on display starting Sunday, December 18th. You may pick up your plant after the service, or you may leave it for the Christmas Eve service. See E-News for more information.






Nov. 27: Begin Advent Study
Nov. 27: Poinsettias sales begin
Dec. 4: Blessing of giving tree gifts
Dec. 11: Blue Christmas Service
Dec. 18 Poinsettias on Display
Dec. 18: Christmas Pageant
Dec. 18: Live Nativity
Dec. 24: 5 pm Christmas Eve service
Dec. 25: Christmas Day service