The church is open from 9:30 to 10:00 am this Sunday for an indoor in-person informal spiritual gathering led by the Pastor. If you'd like to join us for scripture readings and prayer, please register, wear a mask, and respect social distancing.   

Registration and Attendance Tracking

In support of state guidelines for assisting in contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 case detection, pre-registration is strongly encouraged; this also helps plan for capacity and expedites seating.  If you have not or were unable to pre-register, please come anyway. Greeter will take contact information and will assist in seating.



The Re-entry Team has developed a plan for conducting indoor services and a Safety Guidelines for Holding In-door In-person Services.  In developing these plans, the team relied upon the Massachusetts Guidelines for Places of Worship and NE Conference Guidelines. As these Guidelines are updated, the Re-entry Team will update accordingly. Below are key messages for the congregant.


Face Coverings/Masks:

  • Required for all congregants, service participants and staff.
  • Congregants expected to bring their own face coverings/masks.

Social Distancing: Adhere to the 6 ft social distancing rules. 


  • Every other row of pews will be blocked and not used for the service.
  • All pews will have 6 feet of their middle section roped off. This is to ensure 6 feet between non-household members who sit in the same pew.  Note:  a large single household can take up a whole pew if desired.  But no other people may sit in that pew with them since 6 feet of separation cannot be marked or assured.

General Information


  • All common items and hard surfaces within the church will be cleaned between services. Special attention will be given to doors, bathrooms, and light switches shortly before the service.  Note that our sanctuary has very little traffic during the week and that the COVID-19 virus has not been shown to last more than 5 days on most surfaces.
  • Prior to the church service, the heat will be turned on to warm the building.  As the congregation arrives, the heat will be turned off to minimize the recirculation of air.


  • Families are encouraged to arrive together (in one vehicle, if possible) to help with limited parking and to facilitate efficient and safe seating of your group.
  • The congregation will enter only through the main exterior door.
  • Upon entering the sanctuary, congregants will proceed to the front of the church and then down the middle or left side aisle to choose seats. (See attached diagram)

Worship Service

  • No singing by the congregants.


  • Congregants encouraged to continue “on-line” giving.
  • Collection plate will be available as you enter the church building (foyer).

Order of Worship

  • No printed bulletins will be available at the service.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Provided as you enter the church building (foyer); congregants encouraged to bring their own as well.


  • The restroom on the main floor of the church will be open and available.
  • Exit out any rear sanctuary door with a goal of passing as few people as possible.
  • Return to the sanctuary via the same route after washing and/or sanitizing hands.

Come if you are comfortable and willing to comply with the above guidelines, are physically well, and have not had recent contact with someone with COVID-19 or who displayed symptoms of it.